Friday, November 20, 2009

Back to the chairs

11/20/09 f [4s, 12v] A After warm-ups, we went to chair techniques. Doing ikyo and nikyo, ai hanmi and gyaku hanmi, while sitting helped people grasp the concepts of relaxing and bringing uke to nage’s center. The first instinct is to try to pull uke, but it proved to be very difficult. When people relaxed and just let the weight of their arm “drop”, they could execute the move reasonably well. I think we will do chair technique fairly regularly, every other week or so. With the exception of two guys recovering from broken wrists, it enables everyone to participate. Doing a standing technique and then repeating and varying it from a chair does two things; it shows the chair bound they are not powerless and it shows everyone that focusing on the 5 points of technique can enable infinite variations to basic technique.
Some people are beginning to move generally much better, less speed and using the upper body, and more relaxed flow and centering.

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