Thursday, June 3, 2010


6/3/10 f [0s, 6v] I & w [0s, 5v] B Wednesday was a fairly good class. Small, but people who seem to really be into it. I told them I wanted to take a few minutes after Friday’s class to get some feedback from them on whether or not they felt they gained much from the class besides some physical activity and if they thought there was anything that could help them “outside”. I was also looking for suggestions as to how I could improve the class, make it more relevant or useful for them.
Friday I had a completely new group! Doing feedback/evaluation would be slightly better than useless.
If I were to identify one of the biggest negatives to doing this class, it would be the inconsistency of the class make up. I can set up my “curriculum” to provide something of value in only 12 classes, but five or three or just once, I feel like it is an exercise in futility.
I’ll keep on keepin on, but!!! When things are going well, doing this class is great. I really enjoy it, I think I am making something valuable available to these guys, and I’m learning a lot about my own Aikido. Maybe I need some serious discussion with the staff.
Onward into the fog!

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Janet said...

Tom, I understand what you are saying. Perhaps we can reframe it...
As an artist it is easy to get discouraged when your work isn't accepted into a gallery or is shown but doesn't sell - and don't even get me started on weird comments from well-meaning non-artist friends.
What I learned is to focus on why it is I make art - primarily for me, as a process. After that, all I can do is put it out there. I cannot control how anybody will respond to it.
I think what you are doing is similar. You cannot control attendance or follow-through by others. All you can do is put it out there.
It is very possible that someone can indeed come three or four times and walk (or wheel) away, but with a seed planted that will grow in him quietly until its needed.
Trust the process.