Thursday, August 1, 2013



A lot of what I write in this blog is kind of in-depth, analytical and even a bit esoteric. But there are really only seven things I want to offer a vet with CRPTSD:

In practicing Aikido, you will learn and practice;
how to recognize tension and stress in yourself,
how to convert your own inner stress, tension, anger into positive energy,
how to focus your energy in something you can use constructively,
how to relax in the face of aggression and attack,
how to resolve conflict constructively,
how to convert negative, aggressive energy from others into energy you can use constructively,
how to be relaxed, calmer, centered and balanced in how you stand, move and face the world.

KISS [Keep It Simple Stupid!]    My task is to offer my Aikido in such a way as to make these 7 objectives accessible to these vets. This entire blog has been, and will be, a diary of how I struggle with that task.

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